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    ’’Everything for your company’’

Our company has a three years experience, in selling & distribution, a strong relation with its customers, based on quality, respect and very-well organized services.


YOU ASK! Everything you need –  building materials.


WE HAVE EVERYTHING! Name the product you need and you’ll see that we have it! Don’t believe us? Try us! You’ ll be pleasantly surprised!


JUST SAY WHEN, HOW, HOW MUCH! The rest will be our problem! We’ll try hard to deliver in your conditions and in the best conditions the products you ordered!

You can ask everything you need!

1.) Building materials so close to your needs!

We deliver in a short time everything you need, all the most important building materials, from mortar to cement or electrical wires, just to help you to build like a real expert!

Our company provides everything you need for a happy, successful life: buiding material, tools, transport.

Everything for your company

In all this time, we did our best to do everything to satisfy the most particular needs of our customers.
Our motto is ’’Everything for your company’’ .
We can help you with everything you need, from all kind of services to building materials, such as : cement, mortar, concrete, lumber and many others.

We sell big!

We can provide you all you need in order to build your house, your office building or simply a market hall for your production activities.
The main idea is that we don’t sell just a bolt or a few clamps, but we can sell the whole building materials range so you can procede to develop your business or to start a new, propsper life.



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